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Hanakawado (花川戸) is a shoe store's district located in Asakusa. It is known as the wholesale district of Japanese traditional Shoes, such as Zori, Setta and Geta. In Hanakawado, there are about 70 shoe stores. It's especially popular for leather products. Not only shoe stores, but also there are Zori shop, Sandal shops and bag shops. They have many unique and special design and all of them are very reasonable price. It the middle of December, there is Hakidaore market at Hanakawado park. About 30 stores in Hanakawado open their shop in this market.

Tourist Info.
It is wholesale district, so they close on weekend.
Some of the shop don't sale to person.

0. at Tobu Asakusa.
1. walk north.

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Most of the shops are located Edo Street.
There are about 70 shoe stores and leather shops.

In the middle of December, there is Hakidaore Market at Hanakawado park.