Hagoromo Shiraito Falls / Medaki

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Hagoromo Shiraito Falls, Medaki Falls, (羽衣白糸の滝・雌滝) is located Hayakawa, Yamanashi. It is 20m tall waterfalls, and used for Misogi practice for Nichiren Buddhist behaviors. It is also known as Oman's falls. Oman is the one of concubines of Tokugawa Ieyasu. She purified herself to worship Mt. Shichimen. Before her, Mt. Shichimen was opened for only man, but she opened it for all women those who did Misogi with this waterfalls.

Tourist Info.
There is change room for the purification.

0. Kofu Station.
1. JR Minobu Line to Minobu (1hr. 10 min.)
2. use bus to (Shichimensantozanguchi)
3. use shuttle bus to the entrance
4. walk east (3 min.)

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