Araya Yama Shrine

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Araya Yama Shrine (新屋山神社) is one of the powerful shrines located at the bottom of Mt. Fuji. It is known as the greatest Economic Fortune God in Japan. It brings the great luck for the money and business. Originally, this shrine enshrines the god of the mountain. It was established in 1534 to pray Mt. Fuji as the god.

Visitor's Info.
There are parking and restroom.

0. at Fujisan Station.
1. use the local bus to Sengenjinjamae.
2. walk 10 min.

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Map around Araya Yama Shrine

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Araya Yama Shrine
Enshrines: Ooyamatsuminoookami, Amaterasu Omikami, Konohanasakuyahimenomikoto

Araya Yama Shrine was established in October 17, 1534. Mt. Fuji had been highly respected by the people. Many Syugendo people practiced at Mt. Fuji. It is known as the greatest Economic Fortune shrine in Japan. Many people visit here for pray their fortunes.

It also enshrines Iwanagahime, the sister of Konohanasakuha who is the goddess of Mt. Fuji. She represents the eternal life.

Oukagai Stone
You attach your forehead on the stone and pick up this stone three times. If the weight of the stone becomes lighter, your wish may come true.

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