Akasaka Hikawa Matsuri

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Akasaka Hikawa Matsuri(赤坂氷川祭) is the major Matsuri of Akasaka Hikawa Shrine. It happens in the middle of September. There are 15 Mikoshi carried by local people and 3 great Dashi, the parade floats. Mikoshi start at Akasaka Sakasu, then travel all towns of Akasaka to visit Hikawa Shrine. Then, each Mikoshi travel back to their own town.

Visitors Info.
It happens in September 15 and around the weekend. There are many Matsuri food stands in the shrine during the festival.
All Mikoshi arrived at Hikawa Shrine at Noon. Then, carriers take break. They carry Mikoshi back to their own town.

0. at Meguro Station.
1. use Nanboku Line to Roppongi Icchome (12 min.)
2. walk north (10 min.)

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Akasaka Hikawa Matsuri

Reitaisai is the most important Matsuri held in Akasaka Hikawa Shrine. During the festival it has Bon Odori and Mikoshi Matsuri called Jinkosai (神幸祭). There are 15 Mikoshi carried by local people and three Dashi, the parade floats.

Bon Odori happens at night of the weekend, and Mikoshi Matsuri happens at Day time.