Akagi South Side 1000 Sakura

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Akagi South Side 1000 Sakura (赤城南面千本桜) is a popular Sakura Spot of Gunma Prefecture. There are over 1,400 Sakura Trees and beautiful Shiba-Sakura in this park. It has about 37 kinds of Sakura trees which give us longer period of blossom in Spring. Also, there are 150,000 Shiba-Sakura, literary means Grass Sakura, that is also bloom in April.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.
Sakura blooms from early to middle April.
During the season, there is Sakura Matsuri.

Need a car. Drive 353 to 102, then drive north.

The Place of Memories Please watch our movie.

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Akagi South Side 1000 Sakura

Akagi Nanmen Senbon Zakura is famous Sakura and Shiba-Sakura spots in Gunma prefecture. It bloom from early to middle of April that is very late compare to Tokyo. There are 1,400 Someiyoshino Sakura, and 37 kinds of Sakura, and 150,000 of Shiba-Sakura. The beautiful colored carpet of Shiba-Sakura is one of must see view of Spring Gunma.