How to dance Ondo Anatano Deban


Ondo Anatano Deban (音頭貴方の出番) is one of Bon Odori Song. Dance is very simple and speedy.

Song: "Ondo Anatano Deban."
by Fuji Michiko, Suzuki Masao, Ishizuka Masahiro, Takebana Chigusa, Aihara Hiroko.

Level: 2
Type: speedy.



How to dance Ondo Anatano Deban

Face to the direction (clockwise). Count 8.
Clap, clap and clap.
Hand beckoning from right, and left.
Step right and put right hand up. Raise left foot.
Do the other side.
Grab hands lightly and step 3 from right foot and swing arms.
Another 3 steps from left foot.
Three steps from right and open arms widely up.
Three steps from left and loop arms and make a circle.
Step right and draw Mt. Fuji.
Step back.
Repeat. clap, clap and clap.