How to cook Tompei-yaki


Tompei-yaki (とん平焼) is one of popular Izakaya food in Osaka. It is easy version of Okonomiyaki which only use a pork plate, eggs, and cabbage. So, it is very easy to cook and taste great!



How to cook Tompei-yaki

- Eggs 2
- Cabbage 1/4
- Pork Plate 4 pieces
- Flour
- Mayonnaise
- Worcester sauce
- Salt & Pepper

Slice cabbage finely.
Put cabbage on a dish.
Add salt&pepper to pork.
Heat a frying pan and add oil.
Grill pork.
Remove pork.
Prepare 2 eggs and remove the heads.
Add half small table spoon of flour.
Then, mix them.
Heat a frying pan and add oil.
Cook egg.
Put grilled pork on egg and lap pork.
Cut Egg into one bite size and put them on cabbage.
Add Sauce and Mayonnaise.
That's it.