Ushijima Shrine Bon Odori Honjo 1

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Ushijima Shrine Bon Odori Matsuri(牛嶋神社盆踊り)is held in the middle of September when Reitaisai, Matsuri of the shrine, is held. During Matsuri all of the towns of Ryogoku under the shrine have Bon Odori Matsuri. Honjo Icchome (本所一丁目) is one of them. It has Yagura and drums. It is one of the best ones in Tokyo.

Tourist Info.
The Matsuri is held for about 4 days. So, you can easily find the date that you can join.
No parking, no restroom.

0. at Asakusa station.
1. use Toei Asakusa Line to Kuramae Station.
2. walk east (10 min.)

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Ushijima Shrine Bon Odori Honjo 1
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Seisyun Hire.
Sakura Ondo.
Omikoshi Ondo.
Ooedo Tokyo Ondo.