The watch point of Tsuchinoko

Informasi Wisata

The watch point of Tsuchinoko (ツチノコ発見現場) is located Kurosawa, Akaiwa, Okayama pref. Tsuchinoko is one of the most famous unknown new species in Japan. It is prized 20,000,000 yen if you capture it alive. The dead Tsuchinoko was found in this place and buried here.

Tourist Info.
Before you look for Tsuchinoko, please donated 100 yen to preserve the environment.

0. at Okayama station.
1. use JR Sanyo Line to Wake.
2. use local bus to Yoshiichugakkou.
3. walk west (2 hr.)

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The watch point of Tsuchinoko
The feature of Tsuchinoko
Size: 30cm to 80cm
Color: black, brown or gray.
Shape: Triangle head and rounded body. Other than that, it is like snake.
Feature: It snores. It blinks. It stands. It Jump. It moves like caterpillar.
Active: from April to November.

Prize: 20,011,000 yen.