Shitamachi Tanabata Matsuri

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Shitamachi Tanabata Matsuri (下町七夕まつり) is one of the popular Tanabata Festival in Tokyo. It is sponsored by Kappabashi Shopping district. There are many food stands and Tanabata decorations. Those food stands are opened by local shops of Kappabasih. They offers great Matsuri food for very very reasonable prices. On the weekend, there are parade and ceremony.

Tourist Info.
It happens on the week of Tanabata which is July 7. At the weekend, many food stands open and events happen.

0. at Ueno Station
1. walk east (5 min.)

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Shitamachi Tanabata Matsuri

Food are extremely cheap compare to other typical Matsuri. Yakisoba here is just 200 yen and taste great.