How to Janken

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Janken is the most common way to decide the winner in Japan. Use one hand and make 3 different shapes to decide the winner or loser. Great thing about Janken is that you can use it with multi-persons. Janken is fun and fair way to decide the winner.

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How to Janken
Hands and Rules
"Guu." fisted hand.

"Choki." Open direction and middle fingers.

"Paa." Open all fingers.

Guu wins Choki, scissors, because scissors can't cut a stone.

Choki wins Paa, a paper, because scissors cut a paper.

Paa wins Guu, a stone, because a paper covers a stone.

How to play
You say "Janken Pon." When you sai "Pon" you show your hand.

If each hand were the same, such as Guu v.s. Guu. Choki v.s. Choki. Paa v.s. Paa.

It's even. You say "Aikodesho," and do it again.

If all show the same hand, Guu at this time, it's even and do it again.
If the all people shows all three shapes, it's also even.

If you are deciding only 1 winner, every time, the losers drop and the winners continue until only one person remains.

In the other way, you can also decide the loser.

After Janken, the winner points the direction-finger into the loser's face and points change the direction.

The direction is right, left, up and down.

When the winner change the direction you say "Acchimuite hoi" (change the direction when you say hoi), the loser also turn the face. If the face looks at the same direction of the finger, the loser loses.