Manjo Falls

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Manjo Falls (萬城の滝) is one of the waterfalls located in Izu city, Izu peninsula. It is 20m tall and 6m wide. It is also known as Urami falls, able to see the fall from the behind. It was created by the lava flow.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Caution: You cannot access to the backside of the fall.

Need a car. Drive
Drive route 136 south to 12, change to 59, then follow the sign.

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Map around Manjo Falls

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Manjo Falls
This waterfall has a height of 20m and width of 6m. The waterfall has a constant volume throughout the four seasons.

The appearance of its falling water is rather powerful. It was called "Otaki, big falls" in our ancient time.

It was also called "Urami-no-taki, falls of contrasting vision" because it could be seen from the reverse side of the fall.

However, the reverse side cannot be seen now.

There is a legend saying, "when the Red Princess riding the Red Ox weaves, the sounds of weaving and the waterfall make a harmonious sound that resonates as if the ox were bellowing. So the owner of the waterfall must be the Red Ox." There are various trees and other features such as unusual basaltic rock formations near the falls, where many people gather to enjoy coolness during the summer.